Studio Production

As a producer and studio engineer, I'm here to help make your project the best it can be. Whether it's your first demo or your tenth full length album, I will work with you to find the sound you're looking for and to make sure your work shines. I have plenty of experience with rock, folk, and similar genres, but I'm always willing to try new things.


Whatever your style, the perfect recording starts with capturing that excellent performance. The first step in production sets the tone for the rest of the process; getting the right sound in the tracking stage can be the difference between a good album and an incredible one.


Once the tracks are recorded, the mix engineer turns his discerning ear toward leveling, applying EQ, compression, and any other effects or tools the songs might call for.


The final step prior to manufacture and release, mastering is often the most overlooked. This final process takes a collection of songs and turns them into an album with a cohesive sound, preparing your project to be delivered to all your adoring fans.

Live Audio

I am available to run sound at your event, whether you need sound reinforcement for a ten-piece band or just a small PA for speeches at your awards ceremony. I have a solid selection of live sound equipment at my disposal; I am capable of working with an existing in-house system as well.


Video Production


As a video producer, I specialize in music videos and digital shorts. I am also capable of producing video commercial spots and corporate video segments. 

For musicians, I offer multi-camera live video production services. Whether you just want a couple songs for your YouTube page or you want to make a full live DVD, I can help make that happen.